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Pota-Toss Android and Windows Phone Versions

Pota-Toss for Android and Windows Phone!? Pota-Toss is out there! The potato-throwing madness has begun and we are thrilled to start reading reviews and seeing activity on social networks! We held an awesome top-class Keynote last night to announce the game and present Saborstudio to the world.

The obvious question pops up. Why is Pota-Toss not available in Android or Windows Phone? We've had rains of emails requesting the app and we'd like to answer them all. Here it is.

Why iOS?

We selected the Apple App Store as our initial market, due to the fact that is the most mature and well-established app marketplace not only because of the number of devices, but because of monetization and revenue models.
We are more than aware that other markets are on the rise and we truly want to see potatoes flying all over the world.

Development Costs

The word "extreme" is short to describe cost of developing Pota-Toss with a 1-developer + 1-designer army. We've been working day and night for over a year to release the version of the game you got to see today. More than that, the app has been constantly evolving with a number of tests that we've done around the world. In other words, we did not 'plan' the way Pota-Toss would end up being. We evolved on the concept and the gameplay as we learned from the experience of our beta users.

3x The Work

Believe it or not, we cannot cross-develop the game. The app needs to be built from the ground up for each plattform. That means that if we had developed all 3 versions simoultaneously, it would have been a 3-year process. As a startup, Saborstudio could not afford the risk of working 3 years in an app without knowing how it was going to work, and if users would enjoy it. We were forced to choose one market and focus 100% of our efforts in that version, before even thinking about other devices. In other words, we want to make the game for every device out there; but we will once we confirm our business model works, and once we ensure our game concept is truly what we plan it out to be. Once again, the app needs to be built from the ground up, which means this will be a 6-month process (at least), once the decision to migrate is made. Another important inconvenient is the number of different Android and Windows Phone devices out there. There are +100 different devices that work with Android OS and we need to test each one of them to ensure the game works. That means getting hands on a big number of phones and tables. This is situation that we did not encounter when working with iOS, since all Apple devices share identical specifications. We're sorry you don't get a chance to play Pota-Toss yet. We truly hope we can bring it to your Android or Windows Phone devices soon.

José Cayasso

Saborstudio CEO

Graduation Day for DreamIt Ventures!

Last week we proudly graduated from the DreamIt Ventures program that we were part of during the summer. We had the oportunity to pitch our startups to hundreds of potential investors and news reporters, and we're happy to say that once again, we caught the attention of the press!

Some articles about us; 

Business Insider



We'd love for you to take your time to watch the video of our pitch (sorry for the low quality of the recording). 

Pota-Toss @The Next Web!

Good news keep on coming! We've just been selected to present our product at The Next Web Conference in Sao Paulo. Ain't that cool?

The Next Web is one of the largest tech conferences in the world, and we'll be part of the Latin America Startup Battle. This matches perfectly our 'graduation' from the DreamIt Ventures program in New York City.

We'll be making a VERY IMPORTANT announcement on the conference, but we don't feel like spilling the beans just yet. You'll know, and it will be AWESOME.

See you in a few, Sao Paulo.

Saborstudio + Wayra Mexico

We are truly honored to announce that Saborstudio was selected as one of the finalists for Wayra Mexico. Wayra is a startup accelerator with presence in Latin America, Spain and the UK; and a subsidiary of Telefónica-Movistar, one of the biggest mobile phone carriers in the world. Saborstudio applied to Wayra in April seeking to be incubated in the Summer 2012 Mexico program.

After presenting our pitch to the jury, we were selected among the 21 finalists and invited to participate in WayraWeek, which was held May 14th-17th.

We received these news when we were just arriving to New York City and starting the program in DreamIt Ventures. After much deliberation with our Board of Directors, we have decided to turn down the offer that was made to us by Wayra.

The fact that we are currently being incubated in New York along with the critical stage at which we're in regarding valuation, makes very difficult for us to accept a second accelerator in such a short period of time.

Once again, we are truly thankful to Wayra for the amazing opportunity they have offered us and we wish the best of luck to the other 20 companies that presented on WayraWeek. We trust to have another opportunity to do business together in the future.

We're in! Selected for the DreamIT Ventures program in New York!

Wow! This is probably the best blog posts I've ever had to write!! Our startup has been selected for the Summer DreamIT Ventures program in New York City!! So what is this all about? Well, DreamIT is a stuartup incubator that provides mentoring to rising entrepreneurs with a good and promising idea! Hundreds of startups apply and we happen to be selected for this year's program!

The program consists of a 3 month mentoring in New York City. By being selected, our startup has receives a $15,000 funding to cover the costs of living in NY, and we're happy to announce the folks at DreamIT will be partners to Saborstudio, sharing a 6% of common stock.

After the mentoring, we'll have a Demo Day to show our idea to a group of potential investors. We'll be moving to the big Apple by May 15th and will be staying at the NYU housing till' August.

This is definitely the best thing that has happened to us since we launched our Kickstarter campaign only months ago, and after a bittersweet experience with I/O Ventures.

We are the first 100% Costa Rican startup to be accepted in a top level startup incubator, and we hope to set a example to other entrepreneurs in our country and in Latin America! These things actually happen! Si se puede!

On a side note, our press attention has continued even though we've kept a low profile during the game development. We recently had an note published in Playboy Magazine! Check it out! (Don't blame us for pics you don't want to see in there, we just want you to check out the article).


I/O Ventures! Saborstudio at round 3!

Awesome news to report to our new blog, we have been admitted in the process for a startup incubator called i/o ventures.

What is that? Well, a startup incubator is a team of entrepreneurs willing to provide some seed funding and valuable advice to other startups like us. I/O was founded by Aber Whitcomb (co-founder of MySpace), Ashwin Navin (co-founder of BitTorrent), Jim Young (co-founder of HOTorNOT.com) and Paul Bragiel (co-founder of Lefora).

I/O Ventures offers some funds, a seat in their San Francisco Office+Café to develop the startup and they chance to meet and interview with their friends in California who will also serve as mentors! They go from Jawed Karim (co-founder of Youtube) to Mike Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch himself.

It's a 3 month program that requires us to move to SF for that period of time. More info about the program here,


Why are we telling you all this? We'll, cuz we made it to the 3RD ROUND for the January 2012 program!!!

The first round was applying to the program, with some information about the startup. Round two was a programming test that Phillipe aced (at least we think so). So round 3 is an interview with Paul Bragiel himself, which we'll have in the next few days.

We are trying to avoid letting our imagination fly on the possibilities that this would bring to our little project. It seems like yesterday when we were just planning Pota-Toss as a garage project, so it's hard to believe where we are now. Truly amazing!

We'll keep you posted on how the interview goes and about the rest of the process!

Update #1

Made it to the final round of the program (top 15 startups, out of 5 selected), and got a chance to chat with Paul Bragiel and Aber Whitcomb! Unfortunately, after some weeks of nail biting, we found out we had not been selected to join the program in San Francisco.

If we get a chance to complain, we want to point out the lack of true deadlines in the selection process, and the fact that even if we were one of the top 15, we were kept in the dark about the results for quite some time. We received nothing but a generic email with the results, only when the program was about to start.

It's all a learning experience! We've applied to other incubators in the US and Latin America, and hope to get another chance soon.


Progress Update! Pota-Toss being thrown!

Progress Update! Pota-Toss being thrown! Hello Backers!

It's been a while and we are sorry for not updating you during the last week. We are truly working as fast as possible to release the first prototype of the game and we are thrilled to give you these amazing news: The first prototype will be available before the end of the month! All our beta testers will get the chance to start playing very soon!

Only basic functionality is available for the time being, but the game lets you do a two-player match by sharing the same device! This is not technically a "Beta", it's more of an "Alpha", but we want you to have it anyway. More than that, we want to hear your thoughts about it!

We have also designed the Postcards that our $10+ backers will get. We have created 4 different designs for you to choose. Although we would have loved to offer specific postcards to your location, we plan to do a batch print and were forced to have only 4 designs. We have chosen some of our favorite places in the world! We'll send a survey collecting your address and postcard choice in a few days (if you've got comments about them, please do share them).

We'll be updating soon, - The Pota-Toss Team

THANK YOU! Pota-Toes being cooked!!

Thank you all for the amazing support! We are funded and ready to go!

Kickstarter should have sent you a confirmation of the funding completion, and we will be getting your donations in the next few weeks. Pota-Toes are being cooked already, and we'll be contacting you soon to request all your information.

Thank you once again for making this dream possible!!

It's the final countdown! Less than 24 hours left!

Woooow! It's been an awesome journey! 3 months after the project was originally launched we are now getting to the final deadline, and we couldn't be more excited!

There's only 22 hours left as we're writing this and as always, we want to thank you all for believing in us! All we have to do now is develop the most awesome iOS game ever, and we promise, WE WILL!

If you had friends that were interested in the project, it's now or never to let them now, call them up, spam, like, share, help out! Tell them about our awesome custom potatoes and the rest of the awesome rewards we have!

We leave you with an awesome article about the project we had published in Bits and Bytes Gaming Blog. In the interview we mentioned a bunch of details that were kept a secret until now, so we believe you guys will enjoy it very much!


All we have to say now is THANK YOU!! We'll start gathering your information for the rewards as soon as Monday and you'll be getting them very soon!

Be sure to fry, bake and eat a lot of Potatoes today!

The Pota-Toss Team!

Merry Christmas from the Pota-Toss Team!

We hope this is the first of many Holidays we get to spend together!

Two months ago our idea was just a bunch of sketches and scribbles and thanks to you, we have the chance to make an amazing game to share with the World.

Our best wishes for you and your beloved ones!!